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We will be exploring the Udemy Course Prices as we all know that Udemy is an amazing platform to gain knowledge. Education is one of the biggest catalysts in transforming lives and society for the better. It helps improve the standard of life, enables people to get employment, creates responsible citizens, and builds a nation. Despite its importance, education is a highly inaccessible resource. Financial, geographical, and even infrastructural constraints hamper the dissemination of education across the society in an equitable manner.

However, the internet has been changing the trends in education the same way it has drastically changed other aspects of our lives. The internet knows no geographical limitations, national borders, or cultural differences. It has penetrated deep into the social fabric and has reached to almost all corners of the world. There is little in this world that has been untouched by the internet. It is no wonder that a few people decided to harness its power in education.


Udemy is an online learning portal accessible to the public through the internet. Udemy was founded by Eren Bali who grew up in a small Turkish village and witnessed firsthand the impairment caused by lack of access and opportunity to get an excellent education. Himself a Math Olympiad winner, he wanted to help others fulfil their dreams of learning and education in the most convenient and easily accessible manner using the power of the internet.


  • Huge variety of courses to select from different fields
  • Learn and complete courses at your own pace
  • Learn from the best in the industry which may not be possible at your local institution
  • Courses utilize computer graphics and visualization tools to help better understanding of concepts
  • Interactive quizzes at various milestones enable self-evaluation


  • The courses are not interactive since the students cannot interact live with the instructor as in a classroom setting.
  • You require a good internet connection and a device like a smart-phone or a tablet or a PC to complete these courses.

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πŸ‘‰ Is there a time limit to complete the courses after I purchase a course on Udemy

πŸ‘‰ No. There is no time limit to complete your course after you make your purchase. Udemy allows you lifetime access to the course which means that not only can you take your own time to go through the course, you can also revisit it any number of times in the future.

πŸ‘‰ Do I get a certificate of course completion after I complete courses on Udemy?

πŸ‘‰ Yes. You get a certificate of completion from Udemy which you can download and add to your credentials as proof of having completed the learning.

πŸ‘‰ Are there any prerequisites for any courses on Udemy?

πŸ‘‰ There are course-specific prerequisites in terms of knowledge base which are identified on individual course pages. However, you are free to choose any course from the Udemy course catalogue and study it at your own pace without any limitations.


Udemy has established itself as a credible learning platform over the years. It has a great catalogue of courses many of which have no equivalent in a structured university program. The courses are taught by leading experts in the industry and you get the flexibility to learn at your own pace.

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Once you purchase a course, you get lifetime access to those courses and can revisit it multiple times. You may repeat lectures on topics that were difficult to understand and check your understanding with interactive quizzes along the course. These advantages over the real-world learning experience in an institutional setting certainly make Udemy an effective education platform.

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