Udemy vs Coursera 2021: Which Is Best For You?

Who doesn’t want to cultivate skills or master academic courses?

Well, now anybody can learn anything by sitting at home also. Educational apps allow the students to learn skills from various intelligent and knowledgeable professors and scholars of top universities.

In this topic, I will compare such two online educational platforms and tell you which is better, Udemy or Coursera. 

Both of these apps offer numerous courses to enhance your skills and learn new technologies. These apps are interactive, self-paced, and engaging.

By enrolling in the courses that they offer, you can experience a new method of learning.

With video lectures clips, online quizzes, and assignments, you can easily master any course. They also track your performance based on lectures and assignments you have covered and award you a completion certificate in the end. These certificates add value to your resume.

Udemy and Coursera offer free and paid courses to the students in numerous languages.

Isn’t it interesting?

But now a hard choice to be made, which one is better?

Read the whole article and you will get your answer.

Bottom Line:

This article gives you a detailed comparison of Udemy vs Coursera E-Learning platforms and provides a comparison between the two. Coursera and Udemy are both very effective when it comes to learning and offering a wide range of unique courses.

Udemy vs Coursera: Overview

Coursera: Overview

Coursera might interest you if you are a knowledge-thirsty person who wants to learn in their free time. They offer an unparalleled range of online training and e-learning university courses. Coursera is a relatively new MOOC (massive open online courses) provider which gained a network of loyal users very quickly. The number of students who have completed their chosen course and gained benefits from that has increased tremendously.


Each course on Coursera is taught by professionals from top universities. The course is taught in the form of pre-recorded video lectures, discussion forums, and homework assignments. You will get a completion certificate upon completion of each course. You will be able to finish a typical course within 5 weeks. And the course materials are constantly updated so that you can learn the latest skills. The courses which can be used to brush up your skills and courses on demand are some of the best features offered by Coursera.

As Coursera is 100% online, anyone with a pretty decent internet connection can access their education. Also if you are from rural areas or have travel deficiencies, Coursera is for you. The courses on Coursera are taught in multiple languages so that everyone has a chance to learn without any boundaries. Besides the fact that Coursera offers many free courses, even their fee for the paid courses is pretty low, making the learning affordable.

We have already given depth review. To get details click here.

  • Affordable- The courses offered by Udemy are affordable. They also arrange weekly flash sales and promo codes so that you get a discount on your preferred lesson.
  • Free courses with 30-days refund policy- From courses being reasonable, you can purchase courses with a 30-days refund policy, in case you are not satisfied with the content of the course.
  • Lifetime access- This is the best thing, once you have purchased the courses or have registered to that course, you can access that course for a lifetime. There is no time limit.
  • A broad range of courses- Udemy offers a wide variety of courses from the ones of your hobby to the ones related to your academics.
  • Completion certificates- Udemy also awards you with completion certificates at the end of your course.

Udemy: Cons

  • None-accredited certificates- Certificates offered by Udemy are non-accredited from any top universities. The user gets the certificate of Udemy only without the accreditation of any instructors or institution.
  • Quality is not guaranteed- Quality of the video course depends on the instructor. So, excellence is not guaranteed.

Coursera: Pros

  • Accredited degree of top universities- On Coursera, you get the knowledge from experienced professors of top universities and after the completion of the course, you get a degree or a Certificate accredited with that university.
  • Learn offline-   You can download the whole course and can learn from it even when there is no internet access.
  • Quality of course- The quality of course is top-notch because of the videos created by the prime professors of best universities.
  • Learn from the professors of top universities- The professors of the best universities impart education or skills through pre-recorded video clips so that you get the accurate information.

Coursera: Cons

  • Not beginner friendly- Since the instructors are very experienced and intellectuals, they impart skills of a higher level which sometimes becomes difficult for the beginners to understand.
  • High prices- The price of the course is high as compared to Udemy but with the help of University-sponsored programs students of that university can get free access to the courses.

Udemy vs Coursera: Pricing

Udemy: Price 

Python courses


  • Complete Python Bootcamp: Rs. 455
  • Python 3 network: Rs.455
  • Design patterns in python: Rs.455
  • Interactive python dashboards: Rs. 455

Excel courses

  • Microsoft excel- beginner to advanced: Rs. 462
  • Excel essentials: Rs. 455
  • Microsoft excel- data analysis with excel pivot tables: Rs. 455  

Web development

  • The web development Bootcamp: Rs. 455
  • The complete web developer course 2.0: Rs. 455 
  • Complete front end web development course: Rs. 481
  • The modern javascript Bootcamp course: Rs. 455

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Final Verdict: Udemy vs Coursera 2021

Udemy and Coursera are both effective online learning apps Proposing a variety of learning options.

From the comparison, I found out that it depends on how you hope to gain new skills.

Udemy offers both free and paid courses and you get knowledge from various local experts and experienced teachers who create their lectures and upload it on Udemy. 

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Coursera is a platform where you get a valid certificate from top universities which can help you to build a strong resume and gain proper knowledge from intellectual professors of top universities of the world. All the courses are paid and properly structured.

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So, if you yearn to learn any new proficiency to boost your knowledge then you should go for Udemy but if you seek to acquire mastery from specialized professors of top universities, then go for Coursera.

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