Udemy vs Pluralsight: Comparison Review for Instructors & Students (2021)

I came across Udemy & Pluralsight in my search for a source of passive income in 2020. Lately, their demand has increased tenfold and most online course sellers have turned it into their full-time career.

The advent of online courses started a decade ago, but their popularity has taken a surge in recent times. If you have an idea that people want to learn, then do not hesitate to teach it online. Myself, I have uploaded some financial courses and have struck gold.  

The cyber-world is full of people looking to learn something new every time. Not only would you be providing a valuable service to the online community, but also you would be making a killing.

Here, we will talk about two online-course markets to help you achieve success in the digital world: Udemy & Pluralsight. Even though both of them provide the same service, their methodology differs vastly. A lot of people make the mistake of choosing the wrong option & then curse their luck.

Udemy & Pluralsight are two giants in the marketplace & knowing deeply about them would help you immensely. So without much delay, let’s take a dive & try to figure out the choice that is perfect for you.  

Bottom Line:

This content is for both Udemy, as well as Pluralsight, focused on its in depth comparison. Udemy and Pluralsight have completely distinct models of learning. Both the online learning platforms are quite good and they cannot be compared easily. The platforms have their own pros and cons. Though the price on Udemy is quite attractive and the lifetime access can be very appealing, Lynda’s monthly membership gives you access to all the courses.


Udemy vs Pluralsight: Basic Overview

Udemy & Pluralsight are both online course markets where you can sell your teachings. As the saying goes “when there is a gold rush, sell shovels”. Inhabitants of the cyber world are keen to find a way to earn by being online.

There would be no shortage of takers if you offer a way to monetize their time on the internet. With a little help from Udemy or Pluralsight, you could be the next big online guru or expand your intellectual horizons by learning.  

Udemy: Overview

It is impossible not to talk about Udemy when the subject is online courses. Such has been the popularity of this online platform. Udemy was founded a decade ago in Silicon Valley, San Francisco, and was aimed at young professionals & students.


Udemy has risen into a giant and holds a monopoly over online learning platforms. With over 60000 instructors presenting to over 50 million students in 65 languages, it’s not hard to see why.

Most of the courses available in Udemy falls under technology or personal development. Even though users can upload PDFs, audio files, presentations, or compressed files, the video files are the most popular. Udemy is also available as an app for iOS and Android users.

Udemy Pros

  • Perfect for beginners. Experiment with teaching methods or types of courses any way you want since it is free to host courses.
  • Freedom from marketing dilemmas. Udemy will do all the marketing for you. Sit back & relax after your course is online.
  • Saves time for website maintenance. Forget about any technical issues that may hamper your students from accessing your courses. Udemy will be responsible for providing your students with a seamless experience.
  • Broadcast your courses on a global platform. Your clients won’t be limited to your followers. You will be able to build a global student base with Udemy.

Pluralsight Pros

  • Highest quality. You will not receive substandard content. All courses are checked for content quality & information quality.   
  • Advanced content. Almost all courses are based on the newest advancements in the IT field.
  • Limitless course access. Subscribe for a month or a year and watch as many courses as you can during that time. 
  • Assessment tests. Pluralsight will give you an assessment test and will suggest courses based on your knowledge level.
  • Skill paths. This is a feature that organizes similar courses based on your level. The skill path will take you from beginner to advanced categories.

Udemy Cons

  • No flexibility. Cannot customize your course pages.
  • Fixed course prices. The price of your courses can only range from $9 to $300.
  • Difficult to build a brand. All your courses appear on udemy.com which won’t help if you’re looking to make a brand name for yourself.
  • Internal competition. Udemy will promote your competitor’s courses to increase their overall revenue which can make your numbers suffer. 
  • Udemy owns all student information. You won’t be able to access student data.

Pluralsight Cons

  • Lack of selection. All courses available are based on programming and related fields.
  • Expensive for beginners. The Basic plan starts at $29 a month.
  • Outdated courses. Some courses are old and need updating.
  • Long courses. Instructors are paid per minute watched. So courses tend to be longer than needed.

Faq’s On Udemy vs Pluralsight

☞Is Pluralsight free to use?

Teachable is not available for free. Teachable has a three-tier pricing system split into annual & monthly payment plans. The purchasing plans vary with the number of users, transaction charges & additional features. It starts with a basic plan at $29 a month.

☞Can I upload and sell infographic courses from Udemy?

Abosulety! Course content can be anything & can be uploaded as videos, PDFs, audio files, infographics, and Google Docs. Udemy is very flexible when it comes to this. Although it is advised to upload as videos if you want more revenue from Udemy.

☞What is the average income for a Pluralsight author?

According to recent surveys, the average income for a Pluralsight author is $80,000 per year. Which is a pretty good amount for a passive income.

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The Final Verdict: Udemy vs Pluralsight 2021

It was a closely fought battle. Udemy & Pluralsight are giants in the online education world. Both Udemy & Pluralsight have their unique strengths & weaknesses.

If you are a beginner looking to foray into the world of digital courses, then Udemy is for you. Udemy’s free hosting makes it a no-brainer in this regard.

However, if you are driven and want to learn deeply about a subject in a structured manner, choose Pluralsight.

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