Udemy vs Udacity: Which is The Best Choice For You?

Learning online courses is one of the most lucrative ways to increase your knowledge in recent years. Many schools in India do not give quality education to your students. They will not teach you courses like Social Media Marketing, Coding, Python, Instagram Marketing, Content Writing, Tally ERP 9, and many more.

Here we are going to compare the two best online course platforms i.e., UDEMY VS UDACITY. The advent of online courses started a decade ago, but its popularity has taken a surge in recent times.

Both platforms provide the best online courses, but somewhere the teacher’s methodology differs. Both platforms are popular in online learning terms. These platforms enhance your abilities and give you deep knowledge about industry-related topics. Online learning can stand you out from the crowd. 

So let’s start and take a deep dive into two best online course platforms which can help you to achieve success in the digital world.

Bottom Line:

This article gives you a detailed comparison of Udemy vs Udacity E-Learning platforms and provides a comparison between the two. Coursera and Udemy are both very effective when it comes to learning and offering a wide range of unique courses.

Udemy Vs Udacity 2021: Best Comparison

Overview: Udemy Vs Udacity

Udemy: Overview

Udemy was founded in May 2010, and for almost 10 years, Currently, more than 35 million students are learning online courses on Udemy in 65 different languages. Udemy offers various benefits to all the students like you can watch online classes at your own pace and it is compatible with all the mobile devices and browsers.



Pros & Cons: Udemy vs Udacity

Udemy: Pros

  • Udemy provides email support for any queries you may have.
  • The customer support team is outstanding. 
  • Provides a lot of free courses
  • The duration of all courses is short. 
  • All courses are certified. 
  • Clear pricing details for all the courses.
  • Lifetime access for the course which you enroll in.
  • Supports a lot of languages.
  • Provide the best quality videos for all courses.
  • Teachers interact with their students through quizzes, assignments, etc.

Udemy: Cons

  • Udemy’s email support system is slow. They take a lot of time to answer your queries. 
  • All the instructors on Udemy are not professionally experienced. 
  • It is a little complex to use Udemy and categorize all your courses.
  • Instructors cannot customize their course pages. They do not have such flexibility.

Udacity: Pros

  • The customer support team is outstanding. They provide all answers to your issues in a very short period. You do not have to wait for long. 
  • It is very easy to register and use the Udacity platform. It is easy to use and navigate. 
  • All the instructors are professionally experienced.
  • All courses are certified and recognized.

Udacity: Cons

  • Udacity does not offer free courses at more than 200.
  • The only language that Udacity supports is English.
  • All courses are very highly-priced. 
  • The duration of all courses is very long. 

Faq’s On Udemy vs Udacity

☞Can I download videos and PDFs from Udemy?

Yes, you can download your videos and PDFs. You can watch them at your own pace of time. As you have lifetime access to your courses.

☞Which has the best customer support team between these two?

Both platforms provide outstanding customer care services. But out of these two, Udacity has the best.

☞What is the process of registration in Udemy and Udacity for enrolling in courses?

For registration, students have to fill details like name, email id, password, contact no. and after that, they will receive a confirmation mail.

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Final Thought: Udemy vs Udacity 2021

It was a closely fought battle. Both the platforms performed well. Out of 8 rounds. 4 rounds won by Udemy and 4 rounds won by Udacity. It is tied between both of them. It’s hard to say that which is better for you. If you are willing to invest a high amount and want to learn from professionally experienced teachers, then you must go with Udacity.

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If you cannot pay a high amount, then you can go with Udemy. Because Udemy provides quality learning and all courses are of short duration. It supports multiple languages. And customer care services of Udemy are incredible, and it provides a lot of benefits to all the students.

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